Technology has been giving me quite a hard time today. And its such a shame since I had such a great weekend.

Don’t you just hate when technology fails you?

But then again, life would be a bit less stressful, and more people oriented if technology wasn’t so advanced….

Stately Soviet Sedan

what a beauty.

Classic Car Weekly

1978 GAZ Chaika M13

For sale at Hyman Ltd | St. Louis, Missouri

Russian cars are so weird. But in a really interesting way. The “marque” is usually associated with a particular factory, in this case it is GAZ – which roughly translates to “Gorky Automobile Plant.” It is located in Nizhny Novgorod, which, coincidentally, will be the name of my first-born child.

The Chaika (which kind of translates to “seagull”) was a car used by Soviet government officials – but not the really important ones (they got ZIL limousines). This was for your run-of-the-mill bureaucrats and field officers. You might be thinking “How is this a 1978? It looks like something from the mid-1950s.” Well you’d be right. After WWII, the U.S. government prodded Packard into licensing (or selling) their old body dies to the Soviet Union, presumably to appease them into not nuking us.

Well Packard did just that…

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The Holidays

Have some holiday cheer to spread? Join the crowd. Its almost hard to breath with all of the cluttered holiday decor thrown in my face. But is this a bad thing? If it makes people happy who are we to be a scrooge? Well just a though. I do enjoy holidays; but why do some people have to take it to a whole other level. A commercial induced level; that is what disgusts me about the holidays. Not the cheer.