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Water is Water is Water

cappy writes

I must admit, I have done something very typically American. Not only American, but American girl (not talking about the dolls, here, people. Those are lovely, but what I mean is that I have done something that a stereotypical American female would do). I have gotten in the habit of buying SmartWater.

Now, I usually don’t buy bottled water in the first place, because I don’t think water should be a commodity, since it pours from the sky and whatnot. I think there should be a million drinking fountains and faucets all over the planet so people can drink water without paying half their retirement for it. But, as I am a silly Sally, I often forget my water bottle at home and need to drink more than a tablespoon of water from a fountain, so I buy a bottle.

I recycle the bottles! I refill them! I put them…

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