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Honda drops full details about incredibly adorable N-One

VIP Honda

Honda Japan has dropped all of the savory details about its new Kei car, the cute ‘n cuddly N-One.

The N-One builds on the JDM-only N line for the automaker, which already produces an N Box and N Box+ for Japanese consumers. The boxy Kei car will offer two powerplants displacing 660cc each, one naturally aspirated and one turbocharged, as well as both front- and all-wheel- drive configurations. All N-One models rely on a continuously variable transmission. Honda isn’t giving up the goods in terms of output figures for the N-One engines, save to say that the turbo will have performance “equivalent to a vehicle in the 1.3L class.”

We are, of course, super jealous of all Kei car experiences, but that’s particularly true here, as the N-One’s pert, rounded-box looks bring Honda’s N360/N600 styling cues up to date, and the city car’s funky interior treatment make us positively…

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